The Victoria Wills IA Pouch Bursary Fund

The fund was originally established thanks to a generous bequest from the late Victoria Wills.

Grants from the fund are available to all members of IA with an internal pouch who would like to attend IA’s Annual Information Day, IA’s Pouch Information Day or a similar educational event that IA is holding.

The bursary is open to IA members who may otherwise be unable to attend without some financial assistance. This includes event cost and travelling cost and, in special circumstances, could include one overnight stay.

Applications for a grant from the fund can be made by completing the application form which may be downloaded below.

Each application will be considered carefully by the Internal Pouch Sub Committee, with grants being awarded to those members who best satisfy the criteria as laid down in the fund guidelines.

If you would like to make a donation to The Victoria Wills IA Pouch Bursary Fund, to enable us to help others, please contact IA National Office.