Internal Pouch

When people refer to an internal pouch they typically mean an ileoanal pouch, sometimes called an ileal pouch and often referred to by the best known form: j-pouch. It can also refer to a Kock pouch which is a form of continent ileostomy that utilises an internal reservoir.

This type of surgery (or restorative procto-colectomy to give it the surgical term) is increasingly being offered to patients who require surgery to remove their colon as a result of chronic bowel diseases such as ulcerative colitis or FAP (familial adenomatous polyposis).

For those who are offered the option, there are many difficult decisions to make, and many questions – “What should I do? Will I get permanent diarrhoea? Will I have to stay close to a toilet all the time? Can I still have children?” – the list goes on. This part of the website is for those people, and for others who are interested in the subject.

The Pouch Group co-ordinator serves on the association’s National Executive Committee to represent the interests of members with an internal pouch. It is the responsibility of this person to identify the needs of those members and ensure that IA is meeting those needs.