Past Events

Our pouch events are a great opportunity for people to learn more about the medical and lifestyle aspects of living with an internal pouch. If you’ve been unable to attend an event we’ll post a link to the presentation material below that we can share from the day. That way everyone benefits, whether you attended or not!

Don’t forget to check out our Current Events page or keep in touch with us on social media to find out what we have lined up.

Please note all statistics and guidance in the presentations was correct at the time of presentation. This may have changed since the presentation was given and therefore we recommend you discuss any issues or concerns with your surgeon or specialist nurse to ensure you receive the latest guidance.

Pouch Surgery – A Surgeon’s View

A presentation by Mr Simon Radley on pouch surgery looking at the reasons for surgery, the alternatives, the history of the pouch and laparoscopic options.

Warning: this presentation contains graphic images from surgery

Pouch Complications

A presentation by Zarah Perry-Woodford looking at the different types of complications faced with a pouch and how these are managed.

Biofeedback for Pouch Dysfunction

A presentation by Brigitte Collins looking at the benefits of biofeedback to help manage pouch issues, resolve complications and to try and get the best from your pouch.

Surgical View

A presentation by Mr Mattias Soop discussing pouch formation, the different types of pouches formed, Kock pouches and issues post surgery.

Warning: this presentation contains graphic images from surgery

Pouch Outcomes and Complications

A presentation by Miss Laura Hancock looking at pouch outcomes and complications.

Role of the Pouch Nurse

A presentation by Amanda Ogden, specialist nurse, discussing pre surgery counselling, the role of the pouch nurse and the multi-disciplinary team approach.

Nurse Led Aftercare

A presentation by Amanda Ogden, specialist nurse, on the management of pouch complications and how you manage.